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About ReddWebDev

About ReddWebDev

Well here you are - You've just landed on my About Us page.

You may have been cruising the internet looking for a good internet web developer, or, you could have, quite possibly, landed here by accident - Either way, I'll set about to telling you how I ended up doing what I do.

19 year overview:

img The internet was a mystical, magical place - It wasn't at all like watching TV or listening to the radio - It was special and unique .. it had the ability to wrap you up in a world that no one had ever seen before. It was flashy and exciting - always moving - bright - and brilliant, all at the same time. My first experience with the World Wide Web, back in 1994, will always rate right up there with when I first tied my shoes, drove a car, or went to the prom - An unforgetable experience to say the least.

My major in college wasn't Computer Science. It was Business. As a result, I missed out on writing or programming anything of any consequence in the early days. I did, however, as a hobby, try to learn that seemingly make-no-sense language called html - I wanted to know and understand the magic, and html seemed like the most logical starting point to me. Long story short? I never looked back.

In the mid 90's it was all about Angelfire and Geocities and Newsgroups. Sure, my interest soared and soared with regard to web pages back then. I think I spent more time looking at the source code of the pages, trying to figure out how it all worked, than I did actually looking at the pages themselves.

Sure, I had a Geocities page, an Angelfire page, and when the day came that I thought my writes were good enough, I ventured out to put my own page on. Earthlink had just come to town and I found their UNIX styled server solution to be a pretty good fit. Once I had improved on the html end of things, I found myself wanting to know how all of those little scripts in my web hosting account worked. Soon, I was on my way to incorporating PHP into my writes.

Earthlink was fine I suppose, even in spite of all the calls placed to customer support for all of the downtime I experienced with their service throughout the months, but in the back of my mind, I just knew there was a better way. My html skills had improved considerably by this time and I was getting tired of bumping up against old servers and presumed latency. I leased my own server box in 2001 (Linux) and went dedicated. The thought of actually selling web hosting services had never occurred to me at the time, as I thought that I still had a way to go in learning all of the in's and the out's of being a server admin.

img I began building and deploying web development solutions professionally in 2002. My web hosting service began in 2002. From 2001 through 2005 I was heavy into building eCommerce solutions and wrapping them with client prescribed designs.

I rarely ever deploy right out of the box. I prefer to combine separate elements into a larger whole and complete write. At times I'll employ the use of MIT written and produced scripting, either BSD Licensed or Open Source (GPL-3.0) in order to be used with or directly written into a style or design.

Current languages of choice are HTML 4.0, HTML5, jQuery, Java Script, (XHTML, DHTML, XML). Styles are currently CSS3. (Database: Linux (MySQL/PHP *exclusively). I own all of my web development software and I don't use remote storage or servers (i.e. Google Docs, Amazon, or any other Cloud based services).

My primary operating systems, used for local production, are Linux and Windows.

The internet web browsers I test in are, Firefox, Open Source Chromium,.

My Internet Web Hosting Service runs Linux OS Apache v2.2.24, PHP v5.2, MySQL v5.5. -- My named servers are and

I'm proud of what I do and usually go out of my way to write as precisely as possible when it comes down to my clients and their internet web development solutions. I generally leave the Rockstar's and the Guru's to their muse and am extremely proactive when it comes to the education of my clients. Many of my clients are brand new to this whole website building/Internet thing, and I'm careful to be sure that they take full advantage of my knowledge and experience - There are quite enough people on the internet already that would choose to promote unrealistic expectations - I'm not one of those.