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Great Falls Computer Repair

Computer Repair - PC and Laptop Repair

PC and Laptop repair only -- Remove and replace hardware components including laptop/notebook/netbook screens, install/reinstall fans, processor heatsink, power plant, CD ROM Drive, cooling fans, hard drives, and motherboards.

Reset to factory specs, virus removal, data recovery, and RAM upgrades.

Linux  MintDon't throw your PC or laptop away without first having it audited free of charge by us. All too often we throw away perfectly good machines and replace them for $100's of dollars when we don't have to all because of a simple part

Have an existing machine that you would like to add to? No problem ... Just bring your new graphics card, or additional hard drive or CD ROM along with, and we'll install them for you while you wait.

Forgot your password and can't get into your machine? We've got you covered there as well ... In just a matter of minutes we'll have you logged in and on your way.
If your machine is running a bit slow and you're wondering why, just bring it down for a tune-up -- Not only will we clean up the registry and free you from adware, cookies, and temp files, we'll also clean out the dust that tends to build up on the inside. Dust can cause heat to build up inside your machine, and if it's running hotter than it's suppose to, things can slow down, and at times even stop.

Most common machines repaired:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • Toshiba
  • MSI

Linux  MintPlease Note: Chromebooks and similar built units will often times require that the entire motherboard be replaced if your processor fails. You might be dollars ahead just purchasing a new one and throwing the old one away. Sure, your old one can be repaired in most cases, but the overall cost to do so would be prohibitive when you compare the cost for new. Internally, Chromebooks are very much like your smart phone or your tablet and are not designed with many replaceable components at all.

Hardware replacement parts are either certified by the respective computer manufacturers, or are warranted 3rd party after market depending on the age and the condition of the unit being repaired -- Either way, your machine will be repaired to run like new when it leaves our small shop.

It might be important to note as well that replacement parts/hardware for many of these computer brands often times run longer and perform better than the original parts that came with your machine when it was new.