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Password Encryption Utility

ReddWebDev - Password Encryption Utility

Since passwords are usually encrypted, you may need a way to generate your encrypted password values. Here's a small script that will generate them for you. Simply enter your plain text password into the form, and our script will do the rest.

It is vitally important to understand that password encryption will not protect your website, it can protect your passwords only. If your website does not have sufficient protection, password encryption will not make it safe from cracking.

If your system has been cracked, a hacker can inflict a irreparable damage to it and also gain an access to confidential information, including passwords database. But if you store this information encrypted, hackers practically cannot make use of it. Cracking an encrypted password takes a large amount of time and processing power, even on today's computers.

Plain text password (only letters, numbers and underscore):

Here's a random matching encrypted password:

Testing the accuracy of your encrypted password

Making sure the encrypted password you have works:
Plain text: Encrypted:

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