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ReddWebDev - Webmaster Tools

These webmaster tools are provided free for anyone who wishes to use them. The selection changes frequently as some tools are removed or added depending on how secure, or not, they may be. It's not expected that these tools will work on every device available and are meant for developers/designers who might be using their Mac or PC, as opposed to a tablet or phone.

Password Encryption Utility

Since passwords are usually encrypted, you may need a way to generate your encrypted password values. Here's a small script that will generate them for you. Simply enter your plain text password into the form, and our script will do the rest.

Domain Name Whois

This Domain Name Whois utility will help you find the domain name you've been looking for, or check the details of an existing domain name. Simply input the domain name you're looking for, select what TLDs (top level domains) you want to search for, and check the availabilty.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tags are very important for your website's visibility. Many search engines read them and use them when your website is listed in their indexes. The form here is meant to take a lot of the guesswork out of writing your Meta Tags.

Robots.txt Generator

The robots.txt is a very simple text file that is placed on your root directory. An example would be This file tells search engine and other robots which areas of your site they are allowed to visit and index. Every website on the internet should have a robots.txt file located in the root directory.

.htaccess Mobile Redirect Generator (Linux)

Use this tool to automatically generate a .htaccess file with your desired configuration. Includes configurations for multiple handheld devices and phones.

RGB and HEX Color Charts

Find some of the more popular RGB and HEX Color codes below. For the ones who might prefer to do it themselves, we've provided this list of color codes for your convenience. If you have any questions, be free to contact us.

CSS Button Generator

To use this button generator, you just adjust the settings until you have the desired shape, color, and text -- This button generator styles the button using CSS3, in that it makes use of gradients, shadows, and corners which contributes greatly to the look and feel of your modern site.

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