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Website Redesign / Refresh

So, You’ve Already Got a Website, but You’re Wondering if it Might Be Time for a Website Redesign?

It Might Be Time for a Website Redesign We do Website Redesign at ReddWebDev. We focus on web and online marketing best practices.

We’ll redesign, refresh, or otherwise modernize your website or brand personality via a professional, modern, easy-to-navigate, conversion-focused website design that is structured to build brand loyalty and elicit action ... a phone call, a contact form submission, or a purchase.

Reasons why you might want to pursue a website redesign project:

  • The website is a few years old and the design is starting to look outdated or cluttered
  • Your site is hard to navigate
  • Your website isn't delivering qualified leads or generating revenue
  • You might not have a relationship with the person who built your website years ago and you can’t even update it anymore
  • You discover that your site visitors aren’t engaging with you or your brand and that they quickly bounce from your site
  • You find yourself looking to add functionality to your website that might require new design elements
  • Your business focus has shifted and your website no longer effectively communicates your new focus

Modernize Your Current Website Solutions

Your Website Redesign

- should represent your business in a positive, professional light. It should also engage site visitors, instill trust, and meet their needs quickly and easily.

If you find yourself saying yes to any and/or all of the reasons above, then you might consider contacting us to find out what can be done to improve or otherwise modernize your current website solutions.

A redesign of your website won't necessarily mean that you have to come up with different content. We've used a lot of the same content on sites that have been redesigned in the past -- Upgrading or redesigning a site along with it's original content can mean that your existing content can be even more appealing once all of the modern elements have been applied.

Here is just an example of an upgraded, or otherwise redesigned website we did just a few short years ago:

Able Tree Service (before) --- Able Tree Service (after)