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Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services - ReddWebDev

Website Maintenance can keep all websites that need to be maintained up to date and current. Some website owners need daily maintenance, while others just need occasional maintenance. Our site maintenance service usually includes revisiting, editing, or otherwise changing the existing pages to keep your site fresh and up to date. The periodic addition of new web pages can also be a part of, or included in our maintenance services.

If you are a small business owner experiencing trouble adapting to the rapidly changing technological needs of updating your websites, without exceeding a budget, our monthly website maintenance services may just be the solution you've been searching for. Your time will be freed up to run your business instead of spending hours learning to how to maintain, or service your website.

Webmaster Solutions (Website Maintenance)

Web Site Support

– managing the technology associated with owning a website, from domain name registrations to content management systems. Web sites require ongoing management. The safety and security of your website is extremely important when it comes to its day-to-day operation.

Changes and Updates

– handling regular requests to add pages or have a photo changed or just about anything that a website could have done to it. Working well with your managers or sales reps on the website as quickly and efficiently as possible.


– Available to you via email or phone for taking your requests. ReddWebDev has a commitment to a two business day turnaround on any task two hours or less, and usually those tasks are done on the same day.


– Monitoring your website for optimal performance. Website systems unique to your website installation will require regular updates or maintenance. When critical in nature – such as a security patch or a version update - Non-critical items are presented as a ticket for your approval prior to work being completed.


– Technically skilled and proven web development technique. Having a deep bench of expertise from Design, Development, Domain controls, Mail Exchangers (MX), Metrics, Server host configurations, and more. Should you have a unique maintenance need, ReddWebDev can most likely meet it.


– Your time is treated like the money it is and we carefully tend to it. Fees are payable by the hour, by the month, or can even be contracted to extend over the amount of months desired.


Forms of communication accepted for  Website Maintenance are either going to be by phone, direct domain based email, or in person.

No texting

Remote desktop work will not be performed, so please don't ask. Direct access to a database hosted on "your" private local machine (computer) isn't going to happen - Database work will only happen on a certified server.

Direct server access is required to the account(s) that might be involved in any maintenance or upgrades, so be sure to supply all of the needed login info. Server or hosting admin permissions in order to do the job - 3rd party FTP Clients are not used - FTP is set up directly from our location on our local machines.

Please call or write to receive your free price quote for services.