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ReddWebDev Site Design & WebDev Portfolio

Shown below are a range of works dating from 2004 thru 2019 -- From HTML4 to HTML5 ... XHTM, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript, and on some, custom graphics.
Some of these are written static, some are dynamic (database driven), while yet others may be a combination of both.

Some other web designer/developers will settle on one or two custom templates and write those as a base for all of their clients changing only the colors or graphics for each -- I don't do that. There are as many different writes or layouts as there are clients in the world, and every build is unique to each individual client. Some clients would prefer an extremely minimal layout, while yet others might prefer a more busy or otherwise complicated layout.

Most of all of my work can reside on different various platforms according to the needs of a specific client or business ... no two jobs are exactly the same.

It might be also important to note that not all of the builds presented here are still online. Screenshots are preserved for posterity, while some others still are presented live hosted on this domain to show the original build, and still others that are currently online are pointed to the actual domain.

These below are only a small sampling of my work done over the years. More may be added as time allows.

D Alan Redd
Owner - ReddWebDev