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MSI Intel G41 Computer CPU/Tower

MSI Intel G41 Computer CPU/Tower Refurbished MSI g41 System - with Enermax Tower

Never mind all of those expensive and complicated to install video/DVD Codex builds — With this Linux Build, you can watch your favorite DVD’s right out of the box.
The Linux Kernel “is” the anti-virus, so you can say good-bye to the slow, clunky, and resource hungry anti-virus programs and cruise with the speed and the freedom that the internet was intended for.

  • HD 250GB
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 64bit Linux Mint
  • 7200RPM SATA
  • E7500 @ 2.93 GHz x2
  • Version 19 (Cinnamon)
  • DH16A1P and DH16A3L

$175 USD

Onboard Ethernet Port -- Memory (Random Access Memory) 3GB DDR2 (ability to upgrade to 8GB) -- Onboard Graphics – 4 Series Chipset integrated graphics controller -- Housed in a custom Enermax Tower.
Four USB 2.0 ports – 3 different display outputs — Onboard HDMI (24-bit 8 channel lossless LPCM audio output over HDMI that enables one to enjoy Blu-ray movies).
Onboard DVI and VGA -- Easy OC Switch (which allows for the FSB to be adjusted in fixed intervals, up to 400MHz).

90 Day Warranty